[soft] Magazine


Issue 4

The first three issues of [soft] Magazine explored the theme “Creative People and Their Day Jobs”. The fourth issue introduces a new three-issue theme: “The Traveling Artist”. Each installment will explore why artists travel, how they travel, and the way travel influences and affects their work.

This issue focuses on artists making work centered around traveling – the ethos of “Desert Solitaire” reflects the artistic experience of venturing into the unknown.

Language: Chinese/English

180 x 285mm, 92 pages, 500g, Stitch binding

Color Print, Edition of 300


Issue 3

The third issue of [soft] Magazine is the last issue themed around the topic “Creative People and Their Day Jobs”, where artists and creatives share their experiences on how to balance a creative life while trying to make a living, as well as critical thoughts on their art communities.

Language: Chinese/English

215mm x 300mm, 82 pages, 360g

Color Print, Edition of 500

soft issue 2.PNG

Issue 2

What does it mean to be an artist? What’s the reality of an artistic life? Is an artist who works part-time as a waiter an artist or a waiter? What kind of new challenges do artists face once they become a “real” artist? In this issue, [soft] travels around the world to interview young artists about their journeys pursing the creative life.

Language: Chinese/English

140 x 210cm, 274 pages, 400g

Black and white with partial color print, Edition of 100

[soft]-issue 1.jpg

Issue 1

The first issue of [soft] Magazine was released in 2016. Issue 1 kick-started the journey searching for answers to the obvious yet rarely discussed questions such as, “How do artists make a living?” or “How does one become an artist?” With artist interviews from Berlin, Chicago, Shanghai and Hangzhou, readers gain a glimpse of what the artist's life really looks like.

Language: Chinese/English

180 x 270mm, 48 pages, 150g

Risograph Print, Edition of 200