Creative People and Their Day Jobs - Issue 2


[soft] magazine is an independent magazine that publishes conversations and interviews with young artists and creative people.

Issue 2 is designed by artist and designer Weiyi Li. Featuring artist interviews with aaajiao, Cara, Erin Hughes, Francois, Lehua Zhang, Matthias and Zoë Miller. As well as works by artist and painter Wang Ziyun.

soft 2.jpg

Zoë (Berlin)

You know, if you are young and you want to make it as an artist, you have to find people in positions of power who are willing to support your work. If your personality is unsuited to Darwinian competition and self-promotion, then good luck with that.


Lehua (Shanghai)

Just last year, there were quite a few private museums opened in town. You know, it’s just a bunch of rich people. They had their business corporation first, then they build the museums.


Matthias (Berlin)

You start to understand your life is what it is because other people took responsibility and developed a place you liked and you went to, and so on.

So you feel like, ok, is it a good feeling to also give something back. To take responsibility, it’s a good feeling.


Erin (Berlin)

It’s such an exciting time when you just finish the degree, and you are like, there is the first experience of self-sufficiency, you know, going out into the world, it’s so exciting and so scary.

I withdrew a lot. I think maybe being lost helps you in the long run. I don’t know… but I get the impression it gets harder to carry on the older you get.  It’ll be interesting to see how many of my class mates are still making art in 10 or 20 years from now.