Creative People and Their Day Jobs - Issue 1

[soft] Magazine is an independent magazine that publishes conversations and interviews with young artists and creative people. Each issue, we feature artist interviews and texts, as well as introduce works from an emerging young artist.

Issue2 is design by Cherry Chou, and featuring artist work from Tant Zhong.


Carola (Germany)

Working as a curator in Germany means I need to have three jobs at the same time. That’s super exhausting, and people are becoming more and more depressive about this. Because they do a lot of work, and the companies or the exhibition places and stuff, they always say, “Ai, I need more interns that are for free.”

And then, they don’t have to make more jobs for other people and have more job openings.


Anonymous Artist (China) 

I’m not saying I want to live very differently from other people. I guess I’m just looking for the courage. Yeah, the courage to live a life like this. To see if I can be responsible for myself, because there will be so many problems.


Lena (Germany)

I didn’t know that there is this huge bubble of things around that you have to care for. Which is naïve. I was totally stupid to think that you can just be an artist, and it’s about the thoughts and ideal and whatever. It should be like that, but it’s not.


Dagobert (Germany)

After more than 10 years I’m still not able to sing, really. I just have my own style, but I don’t hit the notes. But I don’t care. I like songs, and I sing them the way I do. Nobody else does it like I do and I never try to be anybody else.