Creative People and Their Day Jobs - Issue 3

Each issue, we work with a different young designer, giving them total freedom to design and bring out a completely dfferent look to the magazine.

The 3rd issue of [soft] is designed by the Shanghai-based design team Sudden Design. They designed this issue based on the literal meaning and transformative relation between “soft” and “hard”, as the name of the magazine suggests, and carried out the playful idea through the whole magazine.


Eva (Berlin)

Like the political situation everywhere in Europe is very worrisome. I think it’s very complicated. I don't feel comfortable living in a place where I have the feeling that everything is fine when it’s not.


Kristina (Berlin)

What I’m interested in and where I want to be with my work has to be reflected somehow in the profile of the gallery. There are incredibly so many bad galleries. To just have any gallery is not a credit for someone.


Frank (New York)

In the US, in the west, the art system is very established now. And too many artists know how to play by the rules of the game.


Wang Yiquan (Shanghai)

I want to become a famous artist, don’t want to be an unknown artist.


Egill (Berlin)

I always have this kind of fantasy about maybe living in London or something. And probably when I move there, I’m going to find out it’s terrible to live there. 


Huang Le (Shanghai)

At least now it’s not like before, as if Chinese people can’t understand Chinese contemporary art, and it’s collected by foreign buyers only as a cultural phenomenon.